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The following tools and resources are available to help your organization focus its efforts on the sustainability issues most likely to impact business outcomes.

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Start Using SASB Standards

The SASB Implementation Guide for Companies provides structure and key considerations for companies seeking to implement sustainability accounting standards within their existing business functions and processes.

The Guide helps companies:

  • Select sustainability topics
  • Assess current state of disclosure and management
  • Embed SASB standards into financial reporting and management processes
  • Support disclosure and management with internal control
  • Present information for disclosure
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Consider the SASB Disclosure Topics and Metrics

Browse the Navigator, SASB’s research platform that allows you to view all 79 standards, analyze disclosure quality of SASB sustainability topics for 4,000+ companies’ public filings, examine and benchmark against industry performance for SASB metrics, access evidence of financial impact, and receive topic alerts to stay informed on emerging evidence.

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Identify Your Industry

SICS-ringThe SICS™ Look-Up Tool identifies the primary SICS™ industry for nearly all of the 13,000+ U.S. publicly listed companies, enabling investors and corporations to determine which SASB sustainability accounting standard is applicable to that company.

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Make More Effective Disclosures

mock10-kSASB has prepared Mock 10-Ks to serve as examples of effective disclosure of the Standards in MD&A. SASB will prepare at least one for each sector to serve as a guide for companies. The Mock 10-Ks provide illustrative guidance on format, length, and analysis for MD&A disclosure using SASB standards.

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